Did you know “insurance” is the number one highest paid and most competitive keyword on the entire internet? A single click from Google will costs you about $54.91.

If you’re a local insurance agent or broker you’re competing in the most competitive business environment of all time–the digital age. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you own your local marketplace and impress your prospects, customers, and partners. We do local search marketing for small agencies, big brands, and more. So if you’ve already got a killer website, but you aren’t generating the lead flow that you’d like, give us a call and have a discussion about our local search engine optimization services.

Who We Help

Local SEO is frequently used by service oriented businesses that operate in a local marketplace or geographic region. But we don’t do search marketing for just anyone. We do search marketing for local insurance agencies, national brands, captive agents, brokers and more. If you’re in the insurance industry, we can probably help. In fact our founder is a former insurance agent, so we understand the unique challenges faced by insurance industry participants.

Local Agents

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Carriers

Field Marketing Organizations

Life Agents

Property & Casualty Agents

Commercial Insurance Agents

Health Agents

Captive and Exclusive Agents

Independent Agents & Brokers

Employee Benefits Agents

Marketing Intermediaries

Risk Management Consultant

Certified Insurance Consultants

What We Do

We develop and implement inbound marketing strategies and create all of the content required for perfect execution of your inbound marketing campaign. Whether you need an automated email sequence, case study, white paper, slide deck, or just a simple blog post…We can help you create the content you need to outperform and outrank the competition. Our capabilities aren’t limited to the written word—we also produce video and audio content utilizing our large selection of voice over talent and videographers and editors. Need distribution? We can help with that too.

Technical Site Audits

Keyword Research

Information Architecture

Maps Optimization

Local Citations

Local Link Building

Multi-Location SEO

Competitive Research

Local Review Programs

On-Page Optimizations

Local Mobile Ad Campaign

GPS and Data Verification

Local Business Schema / Microdata

SEM Call Tracking

How We Can Help

The insurance niche is the most challenging nut to crack when it comes to search engine marketing. That’s one of the reasons we choose to specialize in insurance marketing—and the reason we don’t have much competition. We can help you develop a local online presence that generates leads, builds credibility, and maneuvers your local competition—and—we’ll measure the effectiveness of all our campaigns to prove our worth. We’re seeking long term partners that want to build a relationship, so give us a call today.

Improved Visibility

Improved Customer Experience

Optimized Content

More Leads

More Sales

Outrank the Competition

Cost Effective Leads

High ROI Marketing Channel

More Leads

More Traffic

Our Local SEO Process

Research & Discovery Process

1. Research & Discovery

We’ll get to know you, your staff, and your ideal clients. We’ll research your unique market and uncover opportunities for improvement and optimization.. We’ll analyze your competition and highlight their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll perform a competitive analysis, technical site audit, and keyword research. Our data-driven approach will help us discover your target customers using information from search engines, social media platforms, and purchase intent.

Specs, Scope and Timing Process

2. Strategy Development

After our research and discovery phase we’ll go to the drawing board and develop a comprehensive strategy to improve your rank, generate traffic, and convert that traffic into qualified leads. You’ll work directly with our team to ensure constant communication.

Benchmarks, Metrics, and Timing Process

3. Benchmarks, Metrics, & Timing

We’ll outline the parameters and constraints of our engagement, and clearly communicate what we’ll do for you, and what we won’t. We’ll lay out a comprehensive plan, key performance indicators, project timeline, and milestones to keep everyone on track. We’ll give you access to our project management tools so you’ll be kept in the loop—and never wondering what stage of the project we’re at. Then, we’ll show you traffic and conversion estimates for your content so you know the size of the opportunity we’re pursuing. We’ll provide a concrete project timeline and assign an account manager that will be your direct point of contact.

Technology Process

4. Technology

We’ll determine which technologies need to be used for the project, and what we can do without. Only operate in one locale? Then you probably don’t need a content distribution network. We don’t believe technology is a silver bullet, so you can be confident in our recommendations.

Testing Process

5. Test

We’ll ensure your finished project conforms the the strict specifications determined during our spec phase. We’ll make sure all the features of your site work across targeted browsers and we’ll test our responsive code across a myriad of screen sizes. Bugs are inevitable, but our laser honed process means we’ll uncover most of them before your customers do.

Deployment Process

6. Deploy

We’ll deploy your content to your site and work with you to make any final or last minute changes or additions. Our continuous integration process means we can deploy code with one command—saving us time and saving you money. We move fast, because your business environment is always changing.

Serve and Support Website Design Customers

7. Serve & Support

Follow up is not optional. We’ll serve and support you after content is launched and we’ll be here to perform any maintenance, changes, or updates that are required. We don’t disappear after we deliver a project—we want to see you through the finish line, and we’re here every step of the way to ensure your success.